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Trigger Point Grid 13 Inch Foam Roller

The Grid is unequaled for.

Yoga Grid Foam Roller

The yoga Grid foam roller is a fantastic way to improve Trigger points in your body, the roller is large and works well for 13 inches. It is lime green and imparts a Trigger Point development aid, the Grid is an unequaled way to increase Trigger points and get better, more professional results from Trigger Point treatment. This 13-in-inch extra firm foam roller is designed to increase Trigger points and provide other local treatments to increase relaxation and deep relaxation, the Trigger Point Grid is a beneficial alternative to improve Trigger points and achieve a lonnie kong-like form factor. It renders a small, butterfly-style Trigger Point Grid system with a non-toxic irritant and is uncomplicated to operate with a single use bag, the bag also comes with a reusable travel-sized Trigger Point roller. The Trigger Point Grid is outstanding for use at home with a small, simple system or can be easily used on the go with the included travel-sized roller, the 13 Inch Grid foam roller is a fun and uncomplicated choice to release tension and improve your Trigger points. This roller is lime green to help identify it as a Trigger Point roller.