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Travel Foam Roller

This Travel foam roller is superb for providing pain relief and improving conditions of the soul, it is also see more at: morph collapsible foam roller.

Set, Plus Travel String Bag, New.

SALVEA FIT, 2 in 1



High Density Epp (black)

Travel Size Foam Roller High

By Does Not Apply


With Exercise Kit Resistance Stretch Bands And Travel Bag
Set Travel Bag Rumbleroller Bumps knobs
For Full Body Relief
Trigger Point Performance 10

Brazyn Morph Foam Roller

This morph foam roller is a compact version of the restore foam roller that is first-rate for on-the-go play, the roller is 12 inches in diameter and comes with a12-inch textile wheel. It can be used for targeted pain relief or chronic pain, the foam roller is a sensational surrogate to improve trigger points and boost you this roller peerless for this purpose, and it can help improve blood flow and elude trigger points. The foam roller is again machine-friendly, making it facile to adopt and fun to use, the foam roller is a splendid tool for restoring damage to the body and mind. It is small and lightweight, making it sterling for smaller the soft surface makes it a top-of-the-line tool for smaller areas, and the rollers provide long-lasting use, this Travel foam roller is a top-grade way to help improve fitness and well-being. The mini foam roller is just 3, 5 inches in diameter and can be used for lower back pain, cramps, and menstrual cramps. This massager is again ideal for lower back pain and pain relief.