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Foam Roller Wall Mount

This is a great wall mount for use in your home gym. The 3 level yoga mat holder can be attached to a towel rack or used as an accessory for your home gym. The foam roller is also a great addition to your home gym.

Cheap Foam Roller Wall Mount

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Foam Roller Wall Mount Amazon

This is a great piece of furniture to store your clothes and materials all at once. It comes with a foam roller and a towel rack to keep your home organized and clean. this is a great way to keep your yoga mat close by the storage spot when you're taking it to class or going out for a class. The soft and easy-to-grip foam roller makes it easy to store and take with you. The wall storage can easily be built with some posterizing and then you're good to go! the wallmount is perfect for holding a yoga mat or foam roller. The hooks allow you to hang the roller on the wall with ease. The product also features a function that creates a harmless space for your work surface. The wallmount is also easy to clean with a removable filter. this is a great wall storage for those with a yoga mat. It can hold a lot of foamrollers. The wall mount can be attached to a wall or mounted on a wall holder. The foam roller can be used for binding, uta and have a storage for taxes and other needs.