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Foam Roller Storage

Looking for a surrogate to store your this one is perfect! The Storage bag ensures that your stays safe and protected, plus, the soft and comfortable fabric will make you feel loved up when opening it up again.

Foam Roller Storage Rack

This is a top-of-the-heap way to organize your and yoga mats, the rack can be easily wall mounted and can hold up to four at the same time. It comes with effortless wall mount software and 4 slots for your the white color is basic to find and is a top-of-the-line addition to each room, the holders are facile to operate and can be attached to a wall or took to a Storage room. The full hardware makes it uncomplicated to get to your foam roller and yoga mat, this is an unique and stylish foam roller Storage rack that can be a part of your decor or simply as a functional addition to your home. The rack can hold a variety of in different shapes and sizes, making it an exceptional addition to your home's decor, this is an outstanding wall Storage for suitors with yoga poses. The mat offers a tough outer layer that eliminates slippage and makes it effortless to move on to the next pose, the soft inner layer slips over the top of your hand and provides firm support.